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"Every treatment I’ve ever had at STC has been on point. Evelyn is a professional who is passionate about skincare. It is reflected in her attention to detail. From eyebrow waxing to facials to product lines, I am always impressed with the results. Thank you, Evelyn!" ~ K.S.

​"I was struggling with skin issues after my pregnancy. Evelyn worked with me through facials and daily products to help get my beautiful skin back! She is amazing!" ~ A.P.

​"I have been seeing Evelyn for waxing for over 5 years, and she is fantastic! I won't go to anyone else. I moved to Pennsylvania and still wait to get my eyebrows done until I'm back in Maryland and can go to Evelyn! She does GREAT work, and the Skin Therapy Center is a relaxing facility. Highly recommended!" ~ N.K.

​​"Evelyn is incredible! I have seen her for waxing, facials and for health advice and I recommend all three!" ~ H.S.

"Evelyn's skin care treatments are world class. The products have absolutely made a difference in my skin, especially once I took her advice and stuck with the home care routine between facials. My skin is clear of breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and my complexion is overall improved!" ~ K.Z.

"There are a select few people that have a special energy. Evelyn at the STC was blessed with a gift that makes you feel good about yourself. She creates an environment where you cannot help but feel serene and cared for whether you are getting a wax or one of her incomparable facials. I have always felt that Evelyn genuinely cared about me, my experience, and about my overall health and well being as her client. Evelyn is not a person that just obtained the knowledge in her field and started a business. She is continually seeking the most current knowledge in her field and acquiring new expertise in the area of health and nutrition. When I had my second child and was exhausted taking care of everyone else 24 hours a day, I would close my eyes and visualize myself on Evelyn's table getting a facial, feeling peaceful and pampered. So even when I am not able to see her, the amazing feeling that I get is carried over into my daily life!"  ~ K.B.

"Evelyn's practical coaching style had been perfect for me. She is non-judgmental, which helps me to feel comfortable sharing information. I am progressing and know that I will continue to do so. The trip to the grocery store was very helpful. Evelyn is helping me to create a better version of my authentic self and I'm loving it!" ~ C.S.

"Evelyn’s approach is to design a very personalized lifestyle change system to support goals of wellness. She’s a hands-on kind of a coach. She’s been a big part of the transformation that I’m observing with my daughter. We feel very blessed to have met Evelyn and highly recommend her health coaching!" ~ P.S.

"There is no better facial in town than one from Skin Therapy Center. Evelyn Frank is thorough and knows skin! She listens carefully to my concerns, but in the end recommends what I need. She's committed to making my skin be the healthiest it can be, not just create the illusion of healthy. I know without a doubt I'm in great hands. My complexion is examined, and my facial comes from an expert who knows. I zone out on her massage table, and 90 minutes later my skin looks amazing and I feel great! Evelyn also spends a lot of time massaging my head, neck and arms, really getting into my upper body muscles, because she knows that a facial isn't just about putting products on your skin. It's all quite delicious and I get tangible, noticeable results. I won't let anyone else touch my face." ~ A.D.

"Being some what of a tomboy I was never into skin care, much less holistic skin care. All of that changed after my first appointment with Evelyn. I was hooked immediately. Everything from her approach to client care, her facials, to her recommendations on ways to better care for myself have all been tremendously helpful to my well being. I have recommended her to my family and friends and everyone has loved their experience. I'd highly recommend her and Skin Therapy Center." ~ J.M.

"I was recommended to Skin Therapy Center by a friend and am so glad I was. I have been getting facials for over ten years, but they have never been as great as Evelyn's and I will never go anywhere else now. Evelyn is honest and very knowledgeable, and since I have been going to her I have noticed many improvements in my skin. I would without a doubt, recommend Evelyn, I always leave feeling great and relaxed! I would not trust anyone else with my skin." ~ J.G.

"After discussing some of my health concerns with Evelyn, she suggested I add more foods rich in antioxidants to my meals. She educated me on the health benefits and gave me alternative, creative ways to add foods into my diet that were less acidic to my body.  Knowing I wasn’t crazy about the taste and texture of some of the foods, Evelyn gave me a recipe for a shake, rich in antioxidants, and promised I wouldn’t taste the fruits and vegetables I told her I didn’t like. She was right!!! I have been drinking them for about 9 months now, and they taste great! I feel great too! I have lost 35 pounds so far and am so happy with the way I look and feel. I tell everyone who will listen about the shakes. I would never have done it without her! " ~ N.S.

"Evelyn Frank is amazing! My skin is looking clean, clear and amazing and I feel super relaxed. Everyone should go see her for all of their skin needs!"  ~ L.H.

"I have been coming to Skin Therapy Center for 1 1/2 years. The result: beautiful skin. My skin has always been a problem for me. After the first few times coming here, people started to comment on how great my skin looked! I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to have a facial with Evelyn. My pores are no longer there! The new Rosa Sea gel is a MUST HAVE if you have any redness on your face. I have had facials at some of the top spas (in Chicago, DC, etc). None have compared to the fabulous facial that you will have here. Best of all, its not just wonderfully relaxing; the results last. I am currently having the hyperpigmentation mini-facial series. Fabulous." ~ L.D.

I went to Evelyn when she was located in Canton area of Baltimore. I had experience with another esthetician in Boston who I still saw until I met Evelyn. I had problem combination skin. I never wore makeup but I couldn't get my skin clear. I started going to her and saw a transformation every time I saw her. She didn't just put products on my face, she truly believed in the product and why it was the right one for me. She educated me on what to eat and what not to eat and could tell when I was missing something. Over the years I now call her a friend. I followed her to her new location and have been referring people to her ever since." ~ JMW

"Thanks for my amazing facial yesterday!! Also, I cannot tell you how grateful I was to have my G.M. Collin Treating Lotion while I was in Africa this past August. It was the only thing that made me feel hydrated and fresh each morning!"  ~ S.B.

"Evelyn, I knew you did facials and skin care but after our chat I am impressed with your wealth of nutritional information and inspirational energy. I am amazed at the immediate soothing effect the facial moisturizing capsules had on my distressed skin after my surgery. Best wishes with your exciting future-keep passing on the education, healing and inspiration!" ~ A.K.

"Evelyn has been the only aesthetician that I will work with, a conviction that was solidified the very first time I visited her two years ago...She takes the time to listen to your skincare concerns and designs your treatments to treat the specific areas you want to focus on." ~ K.S.

"I travel frequently for work, on airplanes, in different climates and this shows up on my face I the form of dryness, some fine lines and little red spots here and there. Evelyn knows exactly how to get rid of those dead skin cells, even out my skin tone and moisturizes my face so it feels like completely new skin. The results are astounding. No dry spots!" ~ M.B.

"I would only trust my sensitive skin to Evelyn. She takes the time to listen to your skincare concerns, and designs your treatment to treat the specific problem areas you want to focus on. I am able to relax and fully enjoy my facial because I trust that my skin will be taken care of and will look radiant when it's over!" ~ A.Z.

"I've never experienced a more pleasurable and relaxing facial and with radiant results! She also offered me amazing advice for how to care for my skin daily. She explained why my skin acts the way it does (I would get annoying bumps on my forehead since college) and she told me how to get rid of them (They are gone now!)." ~ I.F.

"Evelyn does an exceptional job! She is professional and personable, with a calm and easygoing style that is instantly relaxing and reassuring."

~ Carly

"I have a very problem skin with acne outbreaks periodically. Evelyn's treatments have helped to decrease my acne outbreaks. She also took the time to explain to me what products to use and how to use them!" ~ Stephanie

"Evelyn, Thank you so much for all of your hard work on "Operation Beautiful." I think we had success! I'm looking forward to "Operation Youth" for many years to come!" ~ Shannon

"Evelyn, Thank you for making me feel better! Thank you for the eye cream also. You are so great at your work and I can't wait to come back."

~ Kelly

"What can I say but a big thanks for the makeover and facial. The brows are looking so much better. My friend actually thought some guys under the age of 80 were checking me out. Must be that glow! Sincerely, you have a talent so I hope you keep loving it. Thanks for the advice on skincare. You know what you are doing." ~ Sue

"Evelyn Frank is outstanding and is at the top of her game. What a joy to behold her facials and different treatments. Way to go Evelyn." ~ Brittany

"Evelyn, Thanks so much for the facial. I really needed that "Jen time" and my skin looks and feels so much better! I'm excited about using the new products. You are truly gifted at what you do!" ~ Jen 


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