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​Ahhhh peppermint!!! It is one of the most versatile and refreshing oils to use. It’s main component, menthol, is what gives it that cooling sensation when it touches your skin.

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So, you’ve purchased your essential oils starter kit (or you are thinking about it)…maybe you’ve even dabbled here and there with a couple simple combinations in your diffuser…

But what now?
Are you thinking… “Where do I go from here?”
Feeling overwhelmed?
Wondering if you should eat it, wear it or diffuse it?
Questioning which oils make the best combos?

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Self-care is such a broad term and means something different to everyone, and often has selfish connotations associated with it. Today, women are still plagued by the expectation that we must be “givers”; giving to family, giving to work, giving to children, giving to the community. Therefore the idea of “getting” (self-care) leaves many women with an intense feeling of guilt. To be a woman, we have this notion that we should not “get”, we must only “give”, so any form of self-care is seen sometimes seen as selfish.

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