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(Recommended use: 40-60 minutes)

The BioMat is a high-quality heating mat using far infrared light transferred through amethyst crystals to deliver safe, healing heat evenly and deeply throughout your body. It has been shown to:

~ Treat chronic pain
~ Support core body temperature
~ Speed the healing of joints and tissue
~ Improve circulation
~ Detoxify and act as a antioxidant
~ Boost the immune system
~ Promote deep relaxation and improve sleep
~ Improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety 

Amethyst Biomat

“The BioMat delivers soothing, deep-penetrating heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body. It’s a safe and natural way to achieve optimal health now and maintain a stronger, more resilient body in the future.” 

~ Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., I.M.D.